Signature Card Services to Support QDI Dealers with the EMV Migration.

(West Hollywood, CA) – Signature Card Services, the industry’s leading payment processing services provider, announced that it will be the preferred and recommended vendor for QDI, one of the nation’s largest master distributors of wireless and wireline products and services. Through this agreement, Signature Card Services will be providing full support in converting QDI’s extensive roster of stores’ to the new chip card acceptance standard, known as EMV, as well as providing payment processing services.  Signature Card Services will be providing EMV-enabled equipment deployment, support, resources, and coaching to the participating stores to assure the network’s smooth conversion to the chip card standard by the “liability shift” deadline. Under the liability shift, set for October 1, 2015, parties not adopting EMV by this deadline could bear financial consequences of fraudulent credit card transactions; in other words, liability for fraudulent transactions will shift to the party in the payment process that provides the least security.

Both parties agree that this partnership will bring significant benefits to the QDI distributors. Aside from the EMV conversion, Signature Card Services will be providing QDI stores with its innovative and flexible payment solutions at extremely competitive rates. By incorporating them into the QDI offering, the distributors will further benefit from having access to QDI-exclusive tools and services for a substantial competitive advantage.

Aaron Slominski, Signature Card Services Senior Vice President of Sales, agrees. “QDI has an impressive track record and reputation to promote integrity and quality among their stores. Likewise, Signature Card Services has developed a reputation for innovative thinking and award-winning customer service. This partnership represents a very good fit for both our organizations.”

“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with two of our trusted partners, QDI & Signature Card Services. By integrating our collective strengths and through our developed customizable solutions we can immediately provide net positive results to our client’s bottom line while maintaining compliancy. It’s smart and an easy decision to make,” said Thomas Huss, Cofounder and a Managing Partner at MMIT, a merchant product and services provider that brought QDI and Signature together. “It’s to our advantage to provide such competitive tools for our wireless customers, and there’s much more to come.”

“The integration of our relationship with MMIT and Signature Card Services into the QDI Premier Dealer network is a venture we are very excited about. QDI constantly strives to provide additional value added services to our retail partners and we feel that this initiative is another example of us achieving that goal,” said Justin Henderson, QDI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This partnership will provide our retailers with a tangible benefit that will directly affect their businesses in a positive way.”

To learn more about the solutions Signature Card Services provides, visit or call 1-888-334-2284.

About Signature Card Services

In business since 1997, Signature Card Services is an industry-leading provider of payment services and a registered ISO and MSP of HSBC, Merrick Bank and Westamerica Bank. The firm’s unmatched network of banking partners allows it to accommodate most businesses in retail, internet, mobile, and mail/telephone order environments. Signature Card Services is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), and the Merchant Acquirers’ Committee (MAC).

About QDI

Based in Pheonix , AZ , QDI Wireless has been in business for over 24 years and prides itself on being one of the nation’s largest master distributors of wireless and wireline products and services. QDI provides services in 49 U.S. markets and is one of the country’s largest and fastest growing master distributors of T-Mobile, GoSmart, Univision, CenturyLink, Vonage, Dish, ePay, Teletracker & MeNetwork Pro mPOS.

About MMIT

Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, MMIT is a merchant product and services provider with a mission to “create retail prosperity”. Working with customers in the wireless and telecommunications channels, MMIT provides benefits through innovative mobile merchant & POS applications and integrated processing solutions designed to grow business, creating new opportunities to capture sales, and develop continued customer relationships.